This is a good example of a
solution that is also a system.

Typically, a brand identity
system doesn’t carry an
underlying concept.

One that can be applied to
all types of communication
materials and all forms of
media. In this case, the
range was very broad--from
static elements such as
printed point of sale and
magazine ads to motion
graphic end treatments and
user interfaces.

Mazda has an unspoken
tagline which serves as a
strategic reminder to their

“Always the soul of a

A checkered flag on a slant
creates the sense of motion
and speed.

It also creates an isometric
grid: a pattern of diamonds.
I saw these shapes as pixels
which meant I could use
them to draw different
numbers while still hinting
at the dynamic checkered

This system was used for
the launch of the Mazda 6,
Mazda 3 and Mazda 2 with
the first two breaking their
own sales records.

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